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Terms of service

By placing the order the customer accepts everything described in the General Terms and Conditions and on this page.

Below you may find the most important, highlighted conditions:

  • If you do not order RTW shoes (Ready To Wear products from stock), your order will be made to order (manufactured for customer's request). Right of withdrawal (order cancellation) is not valid for products that are made to order (especially for customized shoes and shoes made to measure), so you cannot cancel your order once the production or preparation for production has started
  • ROZSNYAI SHOES is not responsible in any way for possible import fees or any additional costs that may emerge when product(s) are ordered to any other country
  • Production may take 1-6 months, depending on period and number of other orders.
  • You can modify details of your order until the production have started. Modification request can be made only via e-mail. Phone, messaging service or such request cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled! In case of MTM shoes changing last (toe shape) after the first pair of trial shoes made costs 100€, since in such case making a new upper pattern is necessary. This fee is valid even when first pair of trial shoes fit was not satisfactory.
  • We draw attention to the handmade nature of the products: the products are made solely by hand, that's why they may have minor imperfections, that may not be cause of cancellation or refund.
  • Customer accepts that all screens (eg.: PC, notebook, phone, tablet etc.) may display colors significantly different, thus color difference to screen doesn not entitle customer for complaint or cancellation.
  • Products are made of natural material, even the best quality leathers may contain minor imperfections or may have 1-2 shade differences to each other or to the reference models. 
  • Despite our greatest efforts, handpainted shoes final color may vary from time to time depending on many factors, so even 1-3 shade difference may occour to the reference model, which is not reason for cancellation.
  • Size imperfections & problems do not entitle customer for cancellation or refund in case of online orders and for made to measure shoes if the sizing was not made by associate of ROZSNYAI SHOES.
  • Customer accepts that in case of made to measure shoes additional fitting may be required as by any other made to measure products, which cannot be the cause of cancellation and refund.
  • Customer accepts, that all new shoes (even made to measure ones) need about 2 weeks of wearing to adapt to your feet and break them in.
  • Customer accepts, that in case of made to measure shoes when the measurement is not taken by us, creased upper and wrinkles cannot be the cause for cancellation. For standard size order we cannot take responsibility for wrinkles originated from imperfect fit.
  • Parts/options of shoes cannot be ordered seperately, we are not responsible for any damages resulting from improper use of our website.
  • Customer accepts that in case of Made to Measure shoes the final shape of the shoes may be significantly different to the original shape. (Eg.: choosing pointy last - shoe shape - for very wide feet)
  • Last made for customer remains the property of ROZSNYAI SHOES, lasts are not to be issued and not for sale.
  • Orders with improper use of coupons will be denied and refunded.
  • Before ordering we suggest you to read all information within this website, especially above mentioned General Terms and Conditions and Order Process.