Ready to Wear (RTW):

In our showroom or in webstore's outlet category you may find premade models, but with limited stock.

Made to Order (MTO):

Our main profile is MTO, customized shoes, that is most of our production. Since we don't have large stock, our MTO has no extra cost, customers in case of order can fully customize their shoes for free. It can be done even online using our Customize Your Shoes menu. Even custom upper is possible made after drawing or photo, but please note we don't do 1:1 copies of other shoemaker's models due to ethical and legal reasons. For such order contact us in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before for quotation.  Actual expected production time can by found on top in My cart, but it's usually 1-4 months. Besides shoes in outlet category, all shoes ordered online will be Made to Order!

MTO shoes can be made in standard size or Made to Measure. In case of standard size it's good to try on our shoes in the showroom so we can find your size for each last shape. If you have no opportunity to visit us, you can measure your own feet and send it in e-mail, so we can try to match our lasts to your feet measurements. Please note that we offer only standard fullness from stock, and other fitting must be MTM.

Made to Measure (MTM): 

We start with sizing your feet the traditional way, and with measuring foam also. Based on your measurements we will modify a premade last until it fits your measurements and preserve this one for you forever. Our MTM includes a pair of MTM test/trial shoes as well, that will be simplified versions of your final pair. This will be shipped to you for free, and after 2 weeks of wearing you can give us feedback about the fit, so we can fine-tune your last before making your final pair. That ensures perfect fit for our customers.

Sizing made by us gives the best result, but sizing your own feet is a viable option as well. MTM has a one time cost per toe/last shape. Eg.: you place an order for MTM 333 last, and first time you pay the MTM costs. For your future orders made on your 333 shaped own last won't have extra cost, but if you want to place your next order for 134 toe shape, you will have to pay again MTM costs. From now on you will have 2 different lasts to make your future orders on.

Our Bespoke:

Actually we don't like to call it bespoke, because we don't carve lasts from a block of wood, but modify lasts to your size. However every other aspect meets the characteristics of a bespoke shoe. It's the combination of our MTO & MTM described above.

Additional info:

  • Our prices include a pair of lasted shoetrees!
  • Please note that however we make hand-painted models, we do not offer patina service.
  • We offer repair service for only our products.