General terms and conditions
(Effective from: 1 March 2018)

Current general terms and conditions (GTC) regulates the online store usage operated by La-Belly Ltd. („provider” headquarters: Debrecen, Rákóczi u 65, H-4024, Tax nr.: 12757424-2-09). Please use this service only if you agree with all points of current GTC and all other informations that can be found on our website taking these as obligatory for yourself. 
This document won’t be registered, will be contracted only in electronic form and does not refer to acode of conduct.
If you have any questions in relation to the following or about webshop ordering process do not hesitate to contact us.
You can download current in pdf GTC via clicking here.

Provider’s data:
Name of provider:    La-Belly 2001 Kft.
Location of provider:    Rákóczi u. 65, Debrecen, 4024 Hungary
E-mail address for contacts in regular use:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Registration number:    09-09-008460
VAT number:    12757424-2-09
Registry Court:    Debreceni Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Phone numbers of provider:    +36 30 9584277, +36 30 2477340
Registration number of data protection:
In case of operation of a webshop, it is not necessary to apply for data protection registration if data management is realized strictly in connection with the purchase of the product - such as invoicing, shipping and delivery.
For newsletter: NAIH-139661/2018

Contract language:    english, based on hungarian version
Data of web hosting service:    LinuxWeb Informatikai Kft. (


1.1.    Current GTC and other information on this site regulates the rights and obligations (in point of all legal relationships) of the parties in the course of using website and its functions. The scope of this GTC apply to all users. 
1.2.    For questions not regulated in current GTC, and for interpretation of current rules, Hungarian law is applicable, with special regard to the Law 2013. V. on the Civil Code ("Civil Code.") and relevant provisions of 2001 CVIII. act about electronic commerce services and information society services. Mandatory provisions of applicable law apply to the parties without any specific reservation.
1.3.    For questions which are not reguated by current GTC, the other informations are the directives from the website.
1.4.    By using website (including: opening, reading, using functions of any pages or elements of the website), User accepts these Terms and Conditions. With not accepting these terms, the User is not entitled to use the the website.
1.5.    These terms take effect from 01/03/2018 until withdrawal
1.6.    General terms and conditions can be changed by the Provider at any time within the relevant legislation framwork.
1.7.    Provider will publish amendments on website at least 30 days before the date of their entry into force 
1.8.    Turning any part of current GTC into unavailability or inapplicability has not effect of the validity of other points.
1.9.    The Provider reserves the right to modify web content, restrict and eliminate web access.
9.1    In case of legal dispute between La-Belly 2001 Kft. (ROZSNYAI SHOES) and Customer Hungarian law and our hungarian GTC is authoritative. 
According to the § 1 (1) paragraph of 1999 LXXVI act about copyright this Website constitutes copyright work therefore all parts are copyright protected.
1.10.    Any element/part/database of website can be copied/cloned/used/sold only with Provider’s written authorization. Usage of any derived form of this site is possible only with indication of source and make reference to site even in presence the above written consent.
1.11.    The Provider can not guarantee the 100% accessibility of the website therefore excludes liability for any damages caused by any malfunctions, non-availability or software failure.

Data management

2.1    Privacy Policy can viewed and downloaded here: Privacy Policy
Privacy registration number: In case of operation of a webshop, it is not necessary to apply for data protection registration if data management is realized strictly in connection with the purchase of the product - such as invoicing, shipping and delivery.
For newsletter: NAIH-139661/2018

Purchasable products and services

3.1    The displayed products in the webshop may be available in our showroom in Budapest also (1052 Budapest, Haris köz 3) and in our workshop of Debrecen (4026 Debrecen, Egymalom u. 3). If you have the option to visit us personally, please prefer that method to avoid fitting problems. Prices include VAT depending on the User’s given shipping country. The prices do not include shipping, packaging and possible customs charges. You can order maximum 3 pair of shoes at one time.
3.2    Provider displays the product name, description, and photo(s) of the products in the webshop. Product images (especially: colors and leather pattern, in case of MTM shoes shape) can differ from actual, in specific cases images function as illustrations.
3.3    The price of the goods refers to one piece (in case of footwear: a pair) in each case.
3.4    If the bargain price will be introduced the Provider totally inform Users about the duration of sale. The sale price is typically valid only while the stock lasts, we can not accommodate special price for orders above the limited stock.
3.5    Bargain price in our webshop is valid just in case of order from website, these prices do not apply in person order in any of our shops.
3.6    If incorrect price appears on website we can not receive an order with this incorrect price even if confirmation email was sent out. One of our collegues will contact you, clarify the situation and will provide you an offer on the correct price. The Purchaser is not obliged to accept the correct price. In this situation the paid cost will be refund urgently or latest within 14 days.

Procedure of ordering

4.1    Webshop is currently available only in english version especially for foreigner customers.
4.2    Registration (only over 18 years) 
Please click on the key icon in the upper right corner or on My Account in Customer menu at the bottom. On the next site please fill in registration form, starred (*) data are required.
4.3    Delete account
Please send your declaration to delete your account to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address, we’ll delece your account within 14 days.
4.4    Login
Please click on the key icon in the upper right corner or on My Account in Customer menu at the bottom. On the next page you have to fill in the first 2 fields (username and password) and click LOGIN button.
4.5    Categories
Our products can be viewed in Webshop/Collection menu, all products are in one of the categories shown on the left side. You can filter products by categories by clicking on the category names.
4.6    View product page
After clicking any product you can view the product page for detailed information. 
4.7    Adding product to cart
You can add a product to your cart on the produt page by clicking on ADD TO CART” button after selecting size(/color)
4.8    How to use customizer
Please click on Webshop/Customizer. Assembly of the shoes is separated in multiple steps and pages. Each page has more groups offering options for you. Please select options to see more info about them on the right side. Each pictures and photos are illustrations, the final color and shape can by differ due to different size, last, leather and due to the product’s handmade nature. You can go to next page by clicking next after selecting the desired option from each group, or you can go back to previous step by clicking prev button. If you cannot continue, you didn’t choose option in every necessary group. At the end please click on „add to cart”, and your customized shoes will be added after the green progress bar completed. 
4.9    Edit Cart
You can get to the cart page by the shopping bag icon in the upper right corner, or clicking on „show cart” link after adding any product to the cart. Products in the cart can be found in a table (product name, quantity, net price, VAT amount, total price). The qualtity can by modified by writing a different number in the quantity column in the same row of the product you want to modify, and clicking on refresh button (2 arrows) next to it. You can delete a product from cart by clicking on the small trash can icon in the row of the product. Product customized by customizer will appear in the cart in a group, you can view parts of it by clicking on the + sign before product name. Parts of the customized shoes cannot be deleted/replaced, only the whole customized product can be deleted.
4.10    Choose shipping method
You can select shipping method in the cart, the shipping cost is automatically calculated by country and package weight. If you cannor see shipping method, please choost „Other shipping method” option and let us know about the problem by e-mail. You can order maximum 3 pair of shoes at one time. 
4.11    Choose payment method
You can select payment method on the cart page. Online payment methods will redirect you to expternal checkout page, please don’t refresh or close your browser during payment, or it may end unsuccessful. 
4.11.1    The ordered goods remain the property of La-Belly 2001 Kft. until full payment of purchase price and shipping fee payment.
4.11.2    You can shop easily and comforatably in our online store thanks to the card payment option. After ordering the selected goods you will be rediredted to the website of K&H Bank, where you can pay with your card via an encrypted transaction, which is considered the safest right now by the bank. You have to only select card payment method at payment options, then at the K&H Bank's payment server You have to input the card nr., expirity date and the 3 digit security nr. (CCV) . K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro & JCB type cards.
We accept cards issued only for electronic usage only if the issuer bank allows it. Please inquire by your bank if your card can be used for online shopping.
K&H Bank issues approval id of transaction after succesfull payment, we recommend preserving or printing that. In case of unsuccesfull transaction the K&H Bank tells the cause of problem via error message.
4.12    Prices and other information are shown in the webshop do not count as an offer, they are just calls for a bid. In case of ordering you are considered as a bidder: the contract is established according to the provisions of this GTC as the Provider accepts your prior offer you put via online store. (see more at „Order processing and fulfillment” part)
4.13    You will make a bid by pressing the "Order" button, which  implies an obligation to pay in case of the Provider’s confirmation.
4.14    Buying as a European, but not Hungarian company, please fill your EU TAX NR field, and inform us in e-mail that you are eligable for VAT-free shopping, and we’ll refund you the amount of VAT after payment.

Order processing and fulfillment

5.1    The orders are processed within 3 working days.
5.2    The provider webservice immediately sends an automatic e-mail confirmation as Customer’s order arrives to the system. This automatic confirmation contains the most important data related to the order. If this confirmation does not arrive to Customer after order being submitted, or within reasonable time limits (depending on the nature of the service), but at least within 48 hours, the Customer is exempt from the obligation to bid or contract. The order and its confirmation is considered to be received to the Provider and Customer when it becomes available to it.
5.3    Orders are processed in two steps
5.3.1    First you will receive an automatic confirmation of your order, which only means that your order has been received through the website, but this feedback does not constitute acceptance of your offer. If the automatic confirmation e-mail contains your entered data incorrectly (eg. Name, billing / shipping address, phone number, etc) in this case you must immediately communicate the correct information to us through e-mail for successful transaction. If User does not report incorrect data, the Service Provider doesn’t undertake any damages arising from entering the wrong data and devolves them to the Customer. If you do not receive the automatic confirmation email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and contact us, because it is possible that a technical error in the background.
5.3.2    The Provider confirms your order (if it’s feasible) in 3 working days. The contract is established when the Service Provider accepts Your offer (second confirmation). If the Provider rejects the offer, the contract won’t be established between the parties. The Provider reserves the right to reject the offer without explanation. The order is considered a contract concluded by electronic way, regulated by the Hungarian Civil Code Act 2013 V and the 2001 CVIII Act about electronic commerce services and information society services. The contract is covered by Government Regulation 45/2014 (II.26.) which includes detailed rules of contract between the consumer and companies, bearing in mind provisions of the European Parliament  and Council 2011/83 / EU about the rights of consumers.
5.4    General deadline of fulfillment depends on the type of ordered product. In case of ordering product from stock, period of completion (shipping out the item(s)) is within 10 working days from the date of the acknowledgment. In case of product is not in stock or made to order products, the period of completion is within 180 calendar days from the date of the acknowledgment. If the website does not include stock information, or false, the second confirmation mail will inform the customer of the expected execution date.
5.5    If Service provider cannot perform it’s contracted obligation after the second confirmation, because the specified product can not be made according to the specified conditions within a given timeframe, it shall immediately inform the Customer and if modification of the ordered product can not be solved so that is acceptable for both parties, the purchase order is invalid, even if the confirmation e-mail is sent out. Thus the Provider is required to refund the paid amount by the Customer immediately, but no later than within 14 days. Fulfillment of this obligation by the Service Provider does not exempt other consequences of breach of contract.

The right of withdrawal

6.1    Based on the 6.1 of 45/2014. (II.26.) Government Decree (about the detailed rules for contracts between the Consumer and Seller) within 14 days from receiving the goods, the Customer can execrise the right of withdrawal and send back the product(s) without explanation. To do this, the Customer must ship the goods to us or personally return them to any of our shops within 14 calendar days (starting from receiving them) with a clear statement of cancellation (we accept that in e-mail also). A statement sample can be found in the 2. annex of 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government regulation. If the cancellation was lawful, the Service provider immediately confirms that. The costs of return must be paid by the customer and not subject of refund.
6.2    Consumer is entitled to use the right of withdrawal only and exclusively when the product is purchased from stock.
6.3    Customer is not entitled to use the right of withdrawal for any kind of non-prefabricated products, which was produced for Customer’s request by Service Provider or for any product that was customized to the Customer. Based on the above described, in case the product is not in stock and required to be manufactured, the Customer is not entitled cancel the order and use the right of withdrawal. Any product that differs in any parameter from Provider’s reference model, or made-to-measure shoes (based on customer’s measures) or models which can not be found in Provider’s collection count as customized product. Consumer is not entitled to right of withdrawal for a product that inseparable compounds with other products by its nature after delivery.
6.4    Our company is obliged to refund the full price for unused returned products (undamaged and complete) in original package. Used or damaged during everyday use, damaged due to inappropriate storage, in case of worn products our company is entitled to refund the purchase price with a reduced depreciation, or reduced depreciation which cover the restoration costs. Any product is refered to used which have depreciation / wear / damage or have any other injury by usage which is more than necessary to test the product in a closed environment.
6.5    If the consumer uses the right of withrawal legally and in accordance with the above described conditions, after returning the item(s) and as the Provider receives the item(s) in the above mentioned, satisfactory condition, the Provider immediately or latest within 14 days (to the arrival of goods) refunds the purchase price of returned goods (doesn’t include the costs of returning) to a bank account number specified by the Customer. 
6.6    Before returning, first please contact our customer service, so we can assist you in the quick and convenient execution of the process.

Guarantee, Warranty

7.1    Full warranty period is 12 month for all products. In case of "failure" buyer may signify the problem at any of our contact points (see in warranty card) and will be informed about further actions. See also: 151/2003. Government Decree of GKM warranty, product liability, product warranty rules. 
7.2    Product liability: in case of hidden material-problems or manufacturing faults which have already been present when the product is received, buyer is entitled to exercise it’s product liability right within two years of purchase. Concerning law: Act V of 2013 (Civil Code) 6: 159-167. §
7.3    Buyer is entitled to ask for repair or replacement both within framework of Guarantee and Warranty, except if fulfillment of those are impossible or cause unproportional extra cost for Seller compared to any similar claims. If the repair or replacement were not claimed by the buyer or couldn’t be claimed, the Buyer is entitled to ask the discount of purchase price, or the buyer can get the fault corrected on the Seller’s expense, untimately cancel the contract. Cancellation is not possissible for unimportant blemishes. 
7.4    Buyer is not entitled to enforce the Warranty and guarantee in the following cases:
•    Misuse: our products are urban shoes for occassional and everyday use and they are not suitable for sports, hiking, for intensive stress or among exreme circumstances
•    Ignoring instructons of user guide
•    damages from abuse
•    deformations originated from inadequat storing
•    deformations originated from wear and tear
•    Irreversible or serious damages originated from neglected repair of wear and tear damages
•    in case of shoes beeing too worn out when the problem is detected
•    damages originated/aggravated from inefficient repair
•    in case of buyer has seen, or been informed about imperfections of the product at purchasing.
7.5    In case of size problem or other problem exchange is only possible if shoes are in brand new condition and were not used.

Complaint handling

8.1    Consumer can submit complaints at the following contact points:
Haris köz 3, Budapest, 1052 Hungary
Actual opening hours: available on website
•    La-Belly 2001 Kft. workshop
Egymalom u. 3, Debrecen, 4026 Hungary
Actual opening hours: available on website
•    Mail address: La-Belly 2001 Kft., Rákóczi u. 65, Debrecen, 4024 Hungary
•    Phone: +36 30 95 84 277 or +36 30 24 77 340 (on working days in opening hours)
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

8.2    The Hungarian National Consumer Protection Authority (Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság) offers a prospectus about the most important information of internet sales which, can be viewed on the following link:
8.3    Service provider and User are determined to solve their disputes peaceful way. Service provider and User specify the jurisdiction for the Court of Debrecen if they cannot come to an agreement within 30 days regarding their disputes covered by this document.
8.4    We examine all incoming written complaints within 30 days.
8.5    If an aleatory dispute cannot be solved by negotiations, the buyer has the following options:
8.5.1    Filing a complaint by consumer protection authority: The Consumer Protection Chief Inspectorates (HU: Fogyasztóvédelmi Főfelügyelőség) within county goverment offices (HU: Kormányhivatal) are compenet in such cases when the Seller won’t answer to Buyer’s complaint, or deceived the Customer, or when Seller makes any other infringement, but not competent in legal disputes between the Consumer and Seller. Contact: within the following website:
8.5.2    Initiating a Peacemaker Syndicate (HU: Békéltető testület) process: The syndicate’s (not court) process can be initiated, when you feel that the Service Provider fulfilled it’s obligations not at all, or not the proper and expected way. The free process can be initiated by the Syndicates working by county trade chambers assigned to the Consumer’s residency, place of residence, or place of purchase (all within Hungary). Quality complaint debates recommended to be initiated especially by Peacemaker Syndicate (HU: Békéltető testület). Based on the 2006/2004/EK, 2009/22/EK & the 524/2013/EU european parliament and council decrees, the European Commission established an online dispute settlement platform, which can be used by all online contracting parties (both Buyers and Sellers) in case of legal dispute. These decrees are valid for Hungarian settled traders affected by online contracts. The link to this online platform: 
Mire information and contact to „Peacemaker Syndicate” (Békéltető Testület)
8.5.3    You can initiate a judicial proceeding.