Q: What is the difference to other handmade shoemakers?
A: The shoemaking technology and process is similar by the real-handmade shoemakers. The difference is in the style.

  • we offer a little bit more italian style, the emphasis is not on the classical line, we produce colorful, youthful and fresh models too
  • 90%+ handicraft in the shoes, which is way more than most western-europeand brands offer, even blake-stitched shoes are sewn by hand
  • many cusomization options on affordable price
  • wide range of special leathers
  • most of our products are Made to Order
  • lots of experience from orthopedic shoemaking
  • quality of shoes and used materials are equal with shoes cost thousands of €-s

Q: Is it really handmade?
A: Yes, every process from the very begining to the finishing is made solely by hand. We use machines only for the stitching of the upper, and skiving the sole-edge.

Q: How long is the production time?
A: Because of the traditional technology the production takes 2 weeks, but due to the high demand waiting list may vary from 1-4 months.

Q: Can I buy Ready to Wear (RTW) shoes at your store?
A: Yes, but mainly we produce made to order and made to measure shoes, that’s why we have a limited stock from the best selling models, and many shoes are just samples, and can be ordered.

Q: How do your make the lasts? Do you make them from scratch or modify existing lasts?
A: We modify premade lasts, until it achieves the customers dimensions and needs. We preserve and well document them for future use.

Q: Are shoetrees included in the price?
A: Yes, they are for RTW and MTO shoes, but not included for shoes in Outlet category.

Q: Do you make Bespoke shoes?
A: Yes, we can make any kind of shoes for you (even custom models), you can customize every little detail on your shoes, and we’ll make your own last for future orders.

Q: Do you make ladies shoes also?
A: There are a few pair of samples in our showroom, however we make ladies shoes only for order.

Q: Do you make accessories (belts, bags) also?
A: Yes, we can make belts and other accessories from the same skin as your shoes to provide perfect color match.

Q: Where do you make the shoes?
A: In Hungary, but not in Budapest, we make the shoes in Debrecen. It’s a 2,5 hours drive from Budapest, you can visit our workshop if you contact us.

Q: Where do you get the leathers from?
A: Most of the materials come from Italian wholesalers, but we also use leathers from UK, Germany, France, Spain and Thailand also. 

Q: Do you make shoes from the skin I give you?
A: Yes, we often have such request.

Q: What special leathers do you offer?
A: Stingray, Crocodile, Cordovan, Snake (phyton and karung), Elephant, Hipo, Shark, Eel, Ostrich, Iguana, Peccari, Camel, Salmon, Kangaroo, Piraracu etc. If you have any special request, do not hesitate to contact us!

Q: Where do you get such special skins?
A: Usually from lizard farms, and italian wholesalers. All skins arrive with CITES certificate, and all animals are breeded for such purpose.

Q: Do you have any resellers in my country?
A: Right now we have only some online resellers, but we are negotiating with more partners

Q: Can I order from you online?
 A: Yes, you can order in this webshop, in e-mail plus we have some online resellers.

Q: How do you pronounce ROZSNYAI?