Rozsnyai hand-made shoes are made in the framework of La-Belly Ltd that was launched in 1980 and has been running since then, currently as a 2nd generation family business. The founder, Rozsnyai Sándor accomplished his leather-chemist studies in 1970 and then graduated at the Technical College of Budapest in 1975 as shoe-technical engineer.

In the beginning the company produced fashion shoes for everyone, MTM shoes and costume shoes for theaters. Later the main product became orthopedic shoes, which we still produce today.

Knowing the traditional shoe production technology, in 2002 the founder decided to start a top-quality classic hand-made line, so he can mix his italian-style design concepts with traditional technology and offer everyone highly-customizable shoes on an affordable price. 

After years of work and development we found our collection and products mature enough to show them to the wide audience, so in 2011 we opened our shop in Budapest. Due to high interest we moved to a more exclusive showroom in 2016. In 2018 the company launched this webshop, which features the highest customization options on the market for our customers.