Tips for using new shoes

• You should wear your new shoes only for a few hours every second day by the first few occasions. Thus the shoes have time to adapt to your feet, and you can get used to them. After a week gradually increase wearing time.
• Breaking in your new shoes –even if they are made to measure– can take even 2-3 weeks, depending on leather type.
• Always use shoehorn when putting them on..
• If you got extra insoles, you can use them instead of or with the original ones for better fit.
• Please let us know if you have any remarks or questions after breaking in.
• We produce our shoes with matte or satin finish. Use some wax with wet cloths to achive high-gloss.

Storing shoes

•  Keep your shoes in a cool dry place.Never keep them near heat source!
• Whenever you don't wear your shoes, use shoetrees but after removing them wait half to one hour before applying.
• If you won't wear your shoes for a longer period, please store them with shoetrees and keep in their bags after polishing.    


• Clean your shoes regularly. Use wet cloths on the upper. Soles and heels can be cleaned with rough brushes.
• Use dense polishers in every 1 to 2 weeks.
• Use polishers only on dry and fine surface, applying them with soft cotton cloths.
• Please don't use liquid quick-polishers with sponge on the end but only dense polishers with high wax content.
• After the polisher cream got absorbed, polish it so the shoes will regain original color and shine.
• For burnished upper (suede, velour, nubuck) use rough brushes and identical colour care spray in a thin layer.
• Do not use shoepolish on exotic skin (especially stingray, snake, shark, elephant, hippopotamus, eel, other fish skins, oister, iguana, crocodile) For these use special exotic-leather spray!
• Use soft brush on stingray skin!
• Waterdrops leave a mark on Cordovan leather. These marks can be easily removed with drying and rubbing. Saphir paste is recommended to this type.
• In case of light coloured soleseam use transparent shoepolish to keep the coulour. Or you can use any other color to recolor the stitches.
• Whenever the sole or heel rubber inlays gets worn, please don't wear your shoes, but send or bring them back to us for repairing to avoid damage of the leather sole.